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Finally a shop that not only sells models but also spare parts and accessories, finally my baby and I can take care of his toys

Michel S. / Whatsapp

Exceptional staff, they follow and help even after sales, thank you so much for your kindness and availability.

Lhoan / Facebook

The package arrived early and undamaged.

Thank you for your courtesy and for the speed in answering my questions.

Congratulations indeed I am sure I will do other purchases with you

Kevin l. / Whatsapp

Arrived =) it’s fantastic I’m finishing fixing it
Thanks <3

Serghi M. / Facebook

it’s fantastic guys I recommend it, I took it, my car is old but I tell you that with this little control unit my car goes very fast and consumes less petrol, it had never gone like this, my car is now speeding.

Thanks and good afternoon everyone

Marc .l / Facebook

Hello, this morning the package arrived, I performed the installation procedure and after almost 30km I must say that I have seen an incredible performance improvement.

The car has a much more dynamic thrust, I have yet to test it within 200 km but I have to congratulate you right now

Albin C. / Facebook

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