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How to trim a Buggy

How do you set up an off-road model car? Tough question, worth a million dollars! The variables that come into play, while the model evolves, on the very different off-road tracks, are many and not always decipherable. To set a model to the top, a great technical competence is required, given above all by experience, but also by […]

Remote control car accessories

As we have repeated more than once, when choosing a new model one must take into account factors such as the design, studied to favor aerodynamics, the speed and power impressed by the engine, the wheels used and various characteristics depending on the category of reference. An important role is played, however, by the large […]

The best remote controlled cars for children

Remote-controlled cars for children are certainly part of the vast world of remote-controlled cars, despite their different characteristics that are difficult to share compared to those present in model cars for professionals, making them a certainly less complex category than radio-controlled car models. For this special category it was necessary to take into account, for […]

The best petrol On-Road remote controlled cars

As in all sectors of model making and other consumer products, the simplest and most common category is also the most widespread, especially among newbies. Not even the world of remote-controlled cars with internal combustion engine escapes this market rule, of which the most generic, but no less enjoyable or important, are the so-called “On-Road”, the […]

The best electric On-Road remote control cars chosen for you

Although making a comparison between the electric remote controlled cars used in the modeling field by enthusiasts and real cars may seem risky, it is easy to find common characteristics between the categories and types of model cars and normal cars, at least when it comes to propensity. of one or the other model for […]

Nitro Monster Truck: Reviews and Detailed Rankings

When we talk about model cars belonging to the type of petrol trucks or monster trucks, we refer to those models whose engine is able to guarantee superior performance and greater power compared to remote-controlled on-road machines. Unlike the latter, therefore, remote-controlled trucks or monster trucks need in some cases more power delivered by the […]

Electric monster trucks: all the best models

That of electric trucks and monster trucks is certainly a very characteristic and particular category present in the field of dynamic automotive modeling, and is represented by vehicles with larger dimensions than other models that partially or totally reflect both the appearance and the characteristics. real trucks and monster trucks used in competitions and car […]

The best remote control Buggy cars with petrol engine

For many it will be a mystery the fervent passion shown by many for off-road vehicles and motorcycles experienced by both spectators and real drivers, but the feeling of freedom and rebellion that is obtained by using one of these models is able to put to silence any doubts. This is precisely the effect that […]

Electric buggy: the best buggies and truggies on the square

In this case, in order to review the remote-controlled cars attributable to the electric Buggy category, not only was taken into account the aerodynamic design that each manufacturer was able to guarantee to their car model, but also the availability of series of specific tires for the car rally and the resistance of materials and […]

The main types of radio-controlled petrol engines

Before dealing specifically with internal combustion radio-controlled cars, it is good to remember that in the common imagination this fuel is an indispensable element for running cars and vehicles that we drive and watch on the roads every day. Indeed, it is not totally wrong to automatically associate this fuel with the idea of ​​cars, […]